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Related article: Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 19:28:51 EDT From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 37"Adventures of Tray and Jay 37"PART 37: TRAY AND ADAM DO THE TOWNI only agreed to the tie because my boy is so damn pretty when he gets dressed up like the first time I saw him, and I still play with myself sometimes just picturing it. I mean, Adam is always beautiful, he can't help it, but slap a coat and tie on him and he's just SO sweet it kills me. At least he didn't force a coat on me, too, because I mean he knows he can make me do anything even if I go crazy in a coat.Adam knows how to dress, is all, whether it's torn old jean cutoffs and a half-length tank top and sandals, or the thin, peach, pin-collar shirt with hand-painted Impressionist tie and matching light gray silk coat and slacks that he stunned me with before dinner. See, I want to cry sometimes when my boy does that to me. What did I ever do?We held hands most of the time in the Jeep on the way to dinner at this nice, quiet place that college boys don't belong in. I hand my keys to some high school kid outside, and Adam and I stroll in, and Adam smiles at the maitre d' who promptly melts and goes, "Oh, right this way, sir, gentlemen." I wanted to bust a gut!Well, the old boy set our menus on opposite ends of the booth, of course, but we just ignored it and slid real close in the middle and grinned into each other's eyes a minute. We forgot all about the maitre d' until he cleared his throat."Your sommelier will be Arturo, and your waiter will be Shad," smiled the maitre d', whatever his name was. "Don't hesitate to signal me if you should need anything."Fuck me, I almost said, but Adam squeezed my hand under the table and said, "Of course," and I had to hold it in until the little guy was safely away. Then I lost it through my nose and made poor Adam turn red. So I gave myself a good mental slap, see, and that's when Arturo showed."Would you care to see the wine list?" he asked with a straight face, looking me right in the eye, so I thought shit, why not."That would be fine," I actually said out loud! Adam patted my leg, and I turned to kiss him, but he wasn't quite up to that yet. Arturo's eyebrows went up. We looked through the damn BOOK, and I pretended to have a clue but dreaded having to make the call, but..."The '94 Medoc will be good," Adam said smoothly, and I stared at him until he met my eyes, the little cocksucker."VERY Lolita Tube good, sir." Arturo sounded as surprised as I was. Hell, there goes ALL of the birthday money I'd sat on as long as I could, but so what. Arturo took off. I leaned closer to Adam and sniffed him, that warm, scrubbed, sexy-manly scent of his, and it wasn't ruined by cologne because neither of us does that shit."I love you, boy," I whispered in his ear and then bit it, that cute little lobe. I felt his body flare to me, and you already know what was going on in my pants. My eyes were closed, and I nuzzled Adam's temple."Good evening, gentlemen," a deep, young, male voice said, and I pulled away from Adam out of respect for his nervous feelings. Yeah, he was sweating it. "My name is Shad, and I'll be taking care of your every need tonight."If Shad hadn't blinked and licked his lips and swallowed, that line would have been cool, but I felt a dick-full of semen jump out of my spazzing cock and that made me grunt, so I tried to cover it with a cough and finally just blushed.Our eyes never left Shad the whole time he stood there to take our order. About 22, 5'10", 160 solid pounds, very short red hair lightly spiked on top with near-white walls on the sides but still nice fuzzy red. Totally suckable. And, oh yeah, he had the wildest pouch of cock and balls set off to the right side of his black slacks. Even under black the fucking thing showed! I know he busted me looking because Adam elbowed me.As soon as Shad left, the wine came, and Arturo did the whole nine yards, showing me the bottle, opening it and letting me sniff the cork, pouring a taste for me, and I thought, damn, Adam's MY man, and of course I had no idea if it was vinegar so I nodded. That was cool. Adam was tickled pink.I know people were looking, but fuck them. We sat close and held hands and whenever I couldn't stand it I leaned over and pecked Adam's cheek, and he loosened up. The wine helped. I was only kidding, I knew it wasn't vinegar, it was real tasty. After the soup we were both breathing heavy and going droopy-eyed, and I dropped my spoon in the bowl and laid one on my boy. For real. I sucked his face right there in front of the maitre d' and everyone! That went on forever, and I heard the main course being served and felt Adam try to pull away but I wouldn't let him. I gripped the soft back of his sweet boy head and held on and slurped as much spit off his tongue as I could get. Then I let go.Man, I was hungry all of a sudden! And there was the beef, right in front of us. I saw Shad off a ways keeping two eyes on us. I poured more wine for my boy and me and tried to speak but couldn't. My eyes welled up, and my throat wouldn't work. It was the best prime rib I ever had, and I was happy just watching Adam cut off a piece of his and dip it in the au jus and chew and swallow, then a bite of the lobster he ordered with his, which he dipped in melted garlic butter, and oh my God, the way the butter made his lips shine more!I tried, see, I really tried, but I'm a man, I'm a 19-year-old man already, time just flies, and I'm a total queer even if my little bro bats both ways, and on top of everything I'm a queer young man who's totally, over-the-wall in love with another boy. So, that's why it wasn't my fault when Shad approached and I took Adam boy in both Lolita Tube arms and kissed him again, but soft and tender and only on his wet, sweet, buttery little lips. When I felt him give in and breathe his hot breath back into me I just kind of chuckled, see, and he did, too, and when we stopped finally and looked, Shad was watching open-mouthed. The pouch in his slacks was poking toward us."Uh, oh my," said Shad, shaking his head to clear it. "Would you like to hear the dessert menu?""Of course," Adam and I both said, and Shad cracked the cutest grin that seemed to set his eyes off sparkling like a real bad boy."Is this your anniversary or something, gentlemen?" Shad asked."We just love each other," Adam said simply, and Shad nodded."Congratulations," Shad smiled. We let him rattle off the desserts but passed. We were so fucking horny it hurt, and the insides of our slacks were sticky wet all over. I paid cash, and we left Shad a big tip. BIG. Not as big as we wanted, see, but that's only because we couldn't slip him what we wanted to slip him right there and all.Then the high school kid got the Jeep, and I tipped him, again not the way we wanted to but more than he was expecting anyway, and we didn't even make it out of the lot before I had to pull over and hit the brakes because Adam was being a bad boy. We sat there and necked like we were alone in the universe. Adam was all the way down on me before I could even consider putting up a fight, and I turned sideways to give him a better shot. Well, my head was rolling all over in fag heaven when I opened my eyes.In the rear-view, there was the hot high school boy who took care Lolita Tube of the Jeep, and he was standing behind my door watching over my shoulder as Adam did me. The kid was ready to faint, but what I wanted was a better look at the beautiful, long, hard bulge across his hip that he was massaging nice and steady with both hands. That's why I turned my head, see, I never thought he'd bolt like he did! I also didn't think I'd squirt like I did, but I did! I choked and my eyes rolled back in my head and I arched back and blew the big one off into my Adam boy's belly! He started humming around my sweet cock in our brief but totally wild moment of shared ecstasy.I pulled out of there with my slacks still open and Adam still tonguing my flaring, round monster cock head! He always has to make sure the damn thing stays painfully wooden! Then I spotted what looked like an All-American teenage cowboy with his thumb out, so I nudged Adam and said, "Take a look at this and tell me what you think," and he did."Fuck me," I believe were his exact, breathless words."Nothing ventured, nothing gained," were mine, and as I whipped the Jeep over fast, Adam hurried and stowed my riled pecker but didn't have time to zip him in. Adam barely sat up in time to jump out and open the door for the cowboy, who looked kind of surprised when he saw a second person pop out of Lolita Tube nowhere like that, but he tipped his hat and said "Thankee" and hopped in the back. See, that, more or less, was his mistake."I'm sure grateful for the lift, pardners," he sighed with the cutest, deepest accent from somewhere. "Don't even know where I'm goin, I just pulled into town on the bus and said well, hell, that looks like a good direction, and here I am, and here you good old boys are, and hell if I know where we're goin but shoot!"No, damn! I mean, damn! Adam was craning around to take in all of it visually but I had to settle for the mirror, and that was enough to keep me hard and dripping in my pants. We were speechless, both of us, for once in our nasty fag lives!"Well, I'm Dustin, and fuck me all shitty up the butt if I know a damn soul in this town, so set me straight right here and now, boys, what's up for a fella? Where's the action?"Oh, my God in Heaven, I'm sorry, really, but Adam and I turned and looked at each other for help, I guess, and both of our mouths were wide open, and we just lost it! All the way, laughing like a couple of hyenas in heat, I guess you could say, and Dustin, I'll give him this, he was sure a good sport about it. He grinned, even if he blushed real red and sweaty, and waited for us to settle down."Shit, I'm sorry, boys, I know I musta gone and said something folks back home would understand one way but folks out here look on as a might funny, if you get my drift," Dustin got out all in one of his mighty breaths."Oh, no, it's not you, Dustin," my boy assured our passenger and at the same time wiped the Lolita Tube tears from his eyes. "We've just had a little wine, and now we're going dancing, and, hell, I don't know.""Well, shit, pardners, I can dance up a storm with the best of them!" goes Dustin, and I got that oh-shit feeling in my belly. Adam went quiet, too. I realized Dustin isn't stupid right then, though, because he picked up on our vibes or whatever and added, "But if you don't want me taggin along that's alright, I understand, I mean hell, you don't know a thing about me...""No, no, Dustin, you're cool," I broke in, feeling real shitty all of a sudden. "It's just that, see, it's not a country bar where we're going, and you might feel out of place.""Well, shit, boys, if it's music, I can dance to it!"Remember, I'm not in the closet or anything, but damn! Adam took over. "Dustin, buddy, it's like this. The place we're going is an alternative club. It's for young...people. Young...alternative people."Dustin broke out in a big smile, thinking we were fibbing. Then it sort of wavered, and he said, "You don't mean a funny place.""You got it!" said Adam, and I wanted to kiss on him bad, I mean more than usual."Well, then, are you sayin you two boys are funny, too? No offense, 'cause you don't look it at all, least not like the funny boys where I come from, but my daddy always says, if you don't belong there, don't go there, and you say you're goin there, so...""Let me put it this way, Dustin, you've been calling us pardners, but we both know you don't mean it the way we really are," I said as gently as possible, and in the mirror I saw the horrible truth invade his poor little country boy head. Really, it was precious! THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS?"Ohhh-kayyyy," went Dustin, but he wasn't upset."So that's why we suspect you wouldn't feel right there," Adam finished what he started. "Because, well, damn, dude, you don't look at all funny, you know, not at all." Adam was going Lolita Tube droopy-eyed on me, and Dustin noticed, too."Well damn the stars if I'm a redneck like my uncle Willis, he'd've blowed your head clear off already!" Dustin said by way of a joke, I think. Adam actually laughed! "So lead on, boys, and I'll tag along and maybe learn something.""Look, Dustin, you're a nice guy and all, but like your daddy always says, you know, and I'm not taking you there if you're gonna freak and pop some poor fag in the eye after he winks at you or whatever," I fumbled. Dustin's eyes got big."I thought you said you two ARE fags!" he smiled."We are.""Shit, you shouldn't be calling yourself that if you are, boys, it aint right, why, it's like the snake calling himself a slimy bastard!"Ohhhhh-kayyyyy!Anyway, see, that's how the three of us got to Knobs, and Dustin doubled over laughing at that. He had money, at least, and he paid all of our covers. The doorboys looked from him to Adam to me, and said with their soft, outraged little expressions, "Oh, girl, what is going ON?" Beats me! There's no booze there since Knobs is under-age, but Dustin didn't mind. He said he wanted to keep his wits about him anyway!We got sodas and Adam and I loosened our ties and rolled up our sleeves and gave Dustin a chance to back out, but he planted his boots there and braced himself. It was kind of obvious, in fact. And boy, did all the funny boys love HIM! Finally he got his first test. This big old, burly dude with a full beard and bulging muscles and tattoos came over and leaned close to Dustin and said, "Boy, I've been waiting for a real man to walk into this tired place all year! How about we step out and tango a little?"Dustin tensed and flared macho body heat and swallowed hard. He looked the guy in the eyes and said real nice, "Look here, mister, I didn't come here to fight, but if it's a tangle you want, I'll give it to you!" Adam took one arm, and I got the other, and together we moved Dustin right along."Tango, Dustin, not tangle," I whispered in his ear and laughed, and I swear, he put his hand over his mouth and grinned and went OOPS! We took him to a table that just came open by the dance floor and said relax, boy, and Adam and I picked up the beat and walked out on the floor and blew that hick's mind. Even if it was a fast song, we danced close and dirty and kissed when we wanted to. Dustin said he wanted to learn something!I undid Adam's shirt and felt his slick, shiny chest with my hands, and he pulled it out from his pants and threw his hands back behind his head and went nuts! Shaking his hips all lewd and vulgar at me, biting his lower lip, sneering like a real tramp, and stroking his own sweaty torso until everyone out there made a hole to gawk at him! I just thanked the stars he's mine and let him reel me in with his dirty little fingers beckoning me hither! Hither went I, and I guess I played right into his hands. The way they blend the music all together, we were out there for a half-hour before we knew it, and when we looked over at Dustin he had a real fan club going, and some of the boys were getting close and making our buddy antsy."You little bitch!" I heard Adam go off when we got close, and all six of the fan clubbers backed off reflexively from their guilty minds. "Can't we leave you alone one damn minute without you going and carrying on like the damn town whore?"Dustin's eyes went wild. His nose flared, his jaws clenched. He scooted back in his chair, and his palms slapped the table top. "What the..." he started."He's taken, gentlemen," I said as cold as I could, and Dustin relaxed and bit back the homicidal rage with another cute little smirk. I was growing fond of those. We sat protectively close to him, but he really surprised us when his arms slid fraternally around our shoulders."You boys are alright!" he decreed, and that was that. We could do no wrong. So I let my hand go to his leg, and when all he did was jump a little I squeezed his thigh. "Uhh, I gotta take a piss, boys, be right back.""I'd better run defense," I volunteered, and Adam glared real hard at me!In the john, there were boys smoking all kinds of things, boys pissing and checking each other out, boys kissing, everything but buttfucking in the bushes because there were no bushes mainly, and it took Dustin off-guard, for sure. But he recovered and sauntered over to the long row of pissers with me by his side, and we whipped 'em out with four empty spots next to Dustin, but out of the woodwork came all these cocksuckers hot for the new cowboy blood. I saw Dustin looking down at his long, slender, limp dick that was spitting out a strong stream of bright yellow stuff, and he cracked another cute grin and looked at me before he did it. I thought, oh, shit.When the piss stopped, he shook it off and turned away from me as he did it and spread his legs comfortably and said to all the others who were scamming on him, "Go on, boys, have yer look, now, I don't mind, just don't touch, y'hear. Look all you like." Oh, they did! Dustin let go of himself and let it hang there totally soft but still six inches long."Holy shit," went one real cute blond, my age, "where's my digital camera when I need it? Nobody'll ever believe this.""I don't believe it," said a red-headed boy about 17. By the way, Dustin is 18, just turned it and took off fast from his little town somewhere. He sure knows how to play the city boys! The redhead reached for Dustin."Uh-uhhhh," he warned, and the hand pulled back to it's own piece of meat. I was pulled real close to Dustin's rear, and he knew I was there because my moving hand kept bumping his rock-hard, Wrangler-covered butt, and he let me. He knew what I was doing, and it was cool. I looked over his shoulder finally to see how his thing was doing, and he turned his face to me but I kept looking, and it was still just soft as can be down there...Until his lightly-stubbled chin hit my cheek by accident and backed off fast like his busted fan club, only not before I saw it twitch straight out before him, half-hard in a heartbeat! There was this awesome gasp from the peanut gallery! My own peter gushed a big wad of precum all over the seat of his jeans, and then he stuffed it away, suddenly nervous as hell for some reason, and the boys all moaned. I had more trouble getting my rager tucked away.We walked quickly back to the table and sat down, and Adam smiled until he figured out something was up, even if he didn't know how right he was. "What the fuck, Tray?" he blamed me right off, and Dustin swigged some of his ginger ale and patted my boy on the back of his head. It was such a sweet gesture Adam and I both melted."Shit, Adam, nothing happened a man can't handle," Dustin said real soft and genuine, and I knew then that he was one special dude. He looked at me for some reason. "Say, Tray, I don't want you to get the wrong idea or nothing, I mean I aint what we call a cock-tease back home or nothing, but I don't really want to get some lousy flea-bag room for $60 if I can help it, and shit, I trust you boys all the way, if, uh, if...""You're welcome to crash at our place, Dustin, but you'll have to deal with my little bro Jay and his boyfriend if they're around, and, uh, our third pardner.""Hell fire! What's goin on, is the whole family queer?" Poor Dustin closed his eyes and looked down into his lap, and I could see his head twitch and his pretty lips pucker in embarrassment. "I'm, uh, I'm, oh, damn.""Relax, I call myself all those sexy words," I said. "Besides, pretty much the whole family is queer, except for my mom.""I'm ready whenever," Adam tried not to sound too eager, and I frowned at his shameless face. He licked his lips. I knew what I was getting for sure, at least."I don't wanta bust it up early," Dustin yawned, and my lover and I stood and pulled him along. Not like he didn't go real easy. He's all the way cute when he's sleepy, and I die inside every time I see a cute, sleepy boy, never mind a cowboy.Dustin tilted his head back on the rear seat, and Adam and I didn't realize he was asleep until we heard him breathing soft but jumpy from the rough position, and these adorable little sniffs and snorts and swallows. Adam, the lucky bastard, got to turn around and stare while I pretty much raced home.It wasn't until I parked the Jeep and got out and tilted my seat forward and shook Lolita Tube Dustin by his limp arm in his lap, with his strong, country boy legs spread wide all innocent and comfy, that our wild, young guest jumped and opened his eyes wide and tried so hard to focus!"What the!" is all he got out, then shook his exhausted little head and parted his lips with his hot-as-hell, red tongue and swallowed again, and when he gave the bulge between his legs an automatic wake-up tug, my mouth fell open. I got light-headed and looked at Adam, and he didn't even see me, he only had eyes for the cowboy who was sleeping over. Good God, we're such nasty fags! "Damn, boys, we there already? I was just about to nod off, I think.""Mm-hm," Adam and I both went, on the same wavelength, but I got to help the stud out on my side. His back was damp to my touch, and I smelled the cigarette smoke and his sweat and the soft, clean, broken-in scent of his faded western jeans and shirt, and then he stepped wrong and stumbled into my arms and I got the most intoxicating whiff of overworked man pits and fresh, male skin from his bare neck that was suddenly uncomfortably close to my face, but then he patted my chest real light and trusting and eased back to safety so this funny little gasp got out of me and I got myself together as we walked inside. Adam pinched my butt hard Lolita Tube as hell!"Well, Dustin..." I started."Aw, hell, call me Dusty, boys! Nobody but my momma calls me Dustin!" But, oh, man, how I wanted to momma that boy!"Cool, Dusty. Um, anyway, you can crash on the couch, or we have sleeping bags, and it looks like Jay and Dylan and John are off carrying on somewhere so knowing them they're probably gone for the night, the little cocksuckers, so make yourself at home," I said more or less all in one breath."Well, usually I sleep in bed at home," Dusty-boy grinned real funny but then blushed and went serious. "That's called a joke, boys, don't pay no attention to me when I'm wore out."I'm sorry, but it was way too late for that! My cock snapped all frisky and I couldn't help noticing Adam's was poking out the front of his slacks, and his hand was stroking his exposed chest between the limp, wrinkled opening of his dress shirt. I squeezed myself down there without thinking, and Dusty saw and turned nervous, but not the kind that means back off or anything. I swear. I would never take advantage of a straight boy.We all stood there breathing funny a few seconds."I gotta piss again like one of my granddad's bulls!" Dusty grimaced, pushing down on his own crotch so his balls squeezed even tighter out to the sides, and I mean it, I shook my head so as not to fall and wiped the sweat from my brow, and Adam cracked up! "What" is all Dusty got out, but he was hopping on his feet so I steered him to the boy's room and ducked out of his sight to watch him undo his pants fast and bend his knees to whip it out. He sucked in a breath and sighed and groaned low and happy, and my legs took me closer to gawk. Shit, a real man in my john, holding himself and moaning in release."Feels Lolita Tube good, huh?" I said, and he turned and splattered the open seat cover, and I smelled his stuff. At first he didn't know what to do, but then he nodded and turned subtly just a touch more, and as my eyes fell to his big limp hunk of manhood, it suddenly wasn't so limp. It jumped up an inch and swelled before my eyes and gushed on, and his eyes went to my covered but obvious boner and then up to my face. Not a sign what he was thinking, but he knew my story. His bush was thick and sweaty. I stood there and watched him look back down at himself and let the wiz trickle off, then he shook it hard and put it away and closed shop, all but the top button. He didn't bother with that. I saw a dark stain spread down by his thigh where the last of his piss leaked out, and I wanted bad to lick it off his leg!We were quiet going back to the living room, where Adam waited as patiently as he could on the couch. He was annoyed with me, I could see right off."Damn, you know what I could really use right about now?" Dusty thought out loud. "A damn rub down or back rub or massage or whatever." Then he took off his boots and nearly fell twice, and his socks, and by the time he pulled his shirt out of his pants I was falling beside Adam on the couch where we sat there and watched in wonder until Dusty was down to his bright, white Fruit of the Looms. The elastic was shot and the pouch was wet with sweat and baggy from the constant load of his swinging nuts and dangling prick, so the head of his dick peeked Lolita Tube out the side along with a spray of black pubes."How long you boys known about yourselves?" Dusty asked gently, curious is all."Since I was 13," I said breathlessly."Since the day I met Tray," Adam sighed. "I mean, for sure.""Shit. Aint life a real ride?" Dusty wondered. He sat on the floor cross-legged with his back against the coffee table, and his cock head dropped further into view."If you want, Dusty, we'll work you over," I said stupidly, and Adam turned his horrified eyes on me."Well, alright, if you like," Dusty shrugged and was on his stomach in a wink. He rested his chin on his crossed arms and closed his eyes and squirmed to loosen his back and all. His briefs clung to his ass and slipped nice into his crack. Adam and I dropped to our knees on either side of the dude and went to work, Adam starting on the ankles and me on his neck. DUSTY MOANED! My lover and I shook our heads and grinned in mutual disbelief.Dusty wasn't at all tense as far as nerves or anything, but he was keyed up the way a young man gets after a long trip and landing in a new city and going to a mostly gay club for the first time and then undressing in front of two shameless fags and..."That's it, boys, work those sore muscles good," Dusty sighed and shifted. His hips turned, and one knee went out to the side and made his ass cheeks spread his jockeys tight. Adam's hands both went screaming right up to the loose elastic below Dusty's nuts and then screeched to a halt and kneaded the hairy, pale skin. My hands traced his back bone all the way down to the ragged label that stuck up from inside his underwear, and my fingers pressed harder and harder and made his back curve, and then there was this soft POP! "UUUHNGH!" went the breath out of Dusty, and he sagged totally loose and relieved! "Fuck, yeah, Tray, that's it, boy! That's it! Work my tired bones!"Adam slid his knees up between Dusty's legs, which spread unconcerned enough, and my fingers slid under the stud's waistband."What're you doin?" Dusty asked, and both of us froze in mid-grope."Umm, you said to work your tired bones, Dusty, so we were just headed for the big one," I said real lame, but Dusty chuckled."Now, how'd you boys know about that bone?" he asked."Oh, give me a break!" groaned Adam and went for it like the little wild man he can be when he loses it, and when his hand got all the way up under Dusty and took the prize firmly, Dusty's forehead hit the carpet and the rest of him tensed and shook."I guess you boys can go all the way, touching, at least," Dusty allowed, "but don't try and stick nothing up me, get it, or I might not be so nice. That's all. Otherwise, knock yourselves out."Shit, I swear to God, every straight boy is the same, they'll all put out when they're hard enough. So I watched my hands as they disappeared inside his briefs and felt his bare ass flex in shock at my warmth and strength. I was firm as his butt! Adam's fingers were glued around Dusty's no doubt wet and riled bad boy, and right then Dusty went "UUUHNGH!" again! I leaned close to Adam and kissed him with tongue and got the same back, and we paused a sec on Dusty to take each other's shirts off fast.That's when Dusty rolled over. We stopped kissing and looked down at the hard-on from hell that was at full attention straight up and under the waistband, which the monstrous head cleared all the way to his belly button! The huge piss slit leaked clear juice all over the dark happy trail underneath, and I grabbed it on the knob. Adam and my heads banged against each other good and hard trying to go down on that nasty fucker at the same damn time."No fightin, boys!" laughs Dusty, all evil suddenly. "You can share, can't you?"Our mouths went down, one tongue and one pair of hot, horny lips on each side of his long, flaring shaft, and when we licked him up and down he shivered and shook and spazzed between us! "OHMAGOD!" he choked and took the backs of our heads in his callused hands. He held us there like he thought we might actually stop! Yeah, right! Together, Adam and I slicked Dusty's cock up nice and wet and drippy with our spit and tasted each other good and kissed more with that spunky man meat trapped between us, and pretty soon Dusty-boy's pecker was flowing with our mouthwash! He twitched and tensed all over, and my boy and I lifted our mouths to the quivering head just in time to catch the first two massive squirts of cowboy cream, one in each mouth! Most of the rest landed all over our faces and necks and Dusty's heaving chest and belly before the two cocksuckers took turns riding that huge-ass dick with our hungry mouths and throats! Up and down, over and over, til the fucker settled and stopped throbbing off and dripping funky spunk.Sucking Dusty like that, shared with my lover boy, both of us horny faggots trying to deep throat the biggest dick I ever saw in person and loving every single choking attempt, well, it was so sexy and beautiful I went blurry and light in the head, and when Adam reached over and unzipped my slacks and whipped my erection out, I cried in ecstasy and blasted off all over Dusty! And that's when he gave us his second load, with my jiz spraying him and my mouth panting onto his jumping nuts and Adam gasping in shock as that cowboy cock bucked off into his unprepared mouth! I could see the excess sperm leaking from my boy's lips with his own overheated spit! So naturally I licked it up fast and sloppy.I lay on my back with my legs up like I wanted to get fucked, but I was only getting out of my pants, and Adam did the same, but before I was done, Dusty was up on his knees and crawling toward my exposed hole! My feet were back by my ears and my pants were clearing my toes when I felt it. That lust-crazy man's killer cockhead poised to invade foreign territory! I took a deep breath and let it out as fast as I could but it wasn't fast enough. Dusty's cock was in a big old hurry, and it penetrated me the way I imagine a bull leaves the shoot, only the opposite direction! I screamed for the first time in my life!Adam was by my side like that, stroking my red face and then kissing on me to make the owie go away, I guess, only it did no fucking good whatsoever. I gritted my teeth and started crying in pain and shock even with Adam's sweet lips and tongue trying to comfort me. Right when I was about to break down and sob in agony, Dusty hawked up a wad and let it stretch down to his pumping buttfucker, and his man lube acted fast to give me the relief I sorely needed!"Ohhh, my God, Dusty, thank you, man, thank you!" I moaned, totally grateful like never before. "Fuck, dude, that's the biggest, baddest mother I've ever taken! I think you made me bleed!""UH-HUH!" Dusty chuckled, and I looked up at Adam's face, and it Lolita Tube turned ugly like a light going on, but Dusty never saw it coming because he was too into the screw job he was giving me. Adam stood and spat onto his own big dick and jacked it with the most awful, angry gleam in his eyes I EVER saw, and he was careful and sneaky crouching behind Dusty and licking his lips with a determination that made me go cold all over, except my bleeding butthole, so I watched Dusty's poor, unsuspecting face, his eyes closed in manly passion, until...SOMETHING BREACHED HIM FROM BEHIND! And ohmygod, he had no idea what it was, all he knew was it was the total shits!"FUCK ME!" he shouted like a madman and started trying to turn and fight, but my boy was another man suddenly, and he shoved Dusty's head down to my face so I had to drop my legs around both of their piston-like hips, and I saw tears welling up in Dusty's eyes while Adam fucked his outraged ass off! I had to, see, so I took Dusty's head in my hands and laid one on his mouth good and wet, and he pulled back Lolita Tube in revulsion but I held on for dear life, and after a minute of taking it up the butt from one fag and having the breath sucked out of him by another cocksucker, Dusty sighed and relaxed and went limp on top of me.I felt each shockwave from Adam's crazed sodomy action and then Dusty's scared- senseless tongue testing the water, or the spit, Lolita Tube in my mouth! I sucked on his face with a new kind of fervor, and he started biting my lips and even my teeth, grunting into me, digging it at last, all of us bound together wildly like the heathen motherfuckers we are and getting off as one! We were all into it together, three in one, sweating and breathing heavy and giving and taking and sharing everything with each other, and the painful but outrageously good pounding of Dusty's dick against my battered man-spot deep inside me, plus the slickness of his freed mouth breathing new life into me, well, fuck, it sent me over!I wrapped my arms around Dusty's drenched back and held him as my violated anus clamped onto his carefree cock and my sperm flew all over the place between our slippery chests! Then Dusty cried or whimpered or something into my mouth again and I tasted a wicked flow of his saliva as he grew unbelievably in my guts, and I swear, each throb of that cowboy animal bull penis in me stretched my hole more and let his big head tweak my spot more! I was shooting the record wad and ready to pass out when I heard Adam cry out in wonder, I guess, at least I never heard that sound from him before, but he cut loose an insane, overwhelmed burst of low, vibrating, trembling, furious, pent-up outrage and release and passionate sensuality!I mean, he came in Dusty's butt, see! Okay? But man, it was scary. Dusty loved it, though, I saw his face light up in powerless joy and tasted more of his spit squirt into me and squeezed more of his cream from his still rock hard piece wedged inside me, and we all sagged there together, breathless, hearts pounding, pouring sheets of sweat all over, and each of us jumping every time the other tw
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